Our Equipment

Our growing company has many types of equipment that let us fix just about anything.

F-700 Buck Truck

Our immense diesel F-700 bucket truck allows us to reach lot light poles, signs, and aerial feeds to a height of 40 feet. This truck makes it capable to fix these lights in an easy and prompt fashion. This means less labor time, which in turn, makes the cost more affordable for you, the customer.

Mobile Electric Scissor Lift

Another piece of equipment our company possesses is a mobile electric scissor lift. We are able to use this lift just about anywhere. The lift can fit through a standard commercial doorway and navigate through aisles with ease. Again, this piece of equipment allows us to fix many lights inside a building in a short period of time, thus keeping labor cost down.

Bobcat Ditch Digger

Our Bobcat machine, known as a “ditch digger”, is capable of cutting a trench in the ground down to 36 inches quickly and easily. It also can be used to lift heavy objects and excavate with the bucket attachment. The breaker attachment allows us to break up large rocks which can not be trenched around.

Pneumatic "Genie" Lift

Sometimes a job occurs where we have to lift heavy materials, such as transformers, up to a high point. For this we use our pneumatic ‘Genie’ lift. Such a lift makes these certain tasks much safer and quicker.

Concrete Mixer

Our concrete mixer is used to formulate a lot of concrete in a short period of time. We mainly use the mixer to pour light pole bases for parking lots. S & S is one of only a few companies who specialize in repairing and installing light poles.