LED Digital Displays

For a business to be successful, that business has to be known in the local public. If there were an advertisement you could purchase that no one could ignore, wouldn’t you? That is exactly what you get with the brilliant display of a digital sign.

S & S Electrical Services, Inc. will work with you and discuss your concerns to establish the best sign for your personal needs. We have been a service oriented company since the beginning with many returned satisfied customers. Since we are also an electrical service company, there is no need to worry about trying to locate someone who maintenances your digital sign years down the road. S & S Electrical Services, Inc. can help maintain and service your sign for it’s lifespan.

LED displays can replace any old reader board. These boards usually go unnoticed by blending into their surroundings. A brilliant lit LED sign cannot go unnoticed. Why pay someone to frequently change the lettering out on your board? This is wasted time and money. Also your reader board can look disorganized if you are missing letters or have different color lettering. The general public typically does not live by the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’. A disorganized sign does not necessarily mean a disorganized business, but unfortunately some people may make that association. A new LED digital display will give your company the visibility and organization needed to be successful.

“Unlike traditional media such as newspaper and magazines, LED displays quickly capture attention with a combination of light, color, motion and graphics that get noticed. They also offer infinite options for creating a brand that gets remembered and, in turn, gets results. For most advertisers, the most important market is the local one. Think of LED displays as local advertising and sales partners that are “on” 24/7, working night and day to attract attention, deliver marketing messages and drive sales. LED displays also cost 40 to 60 percent less per thousand viewers than most other forms of advertising. In fact, businesses can communicate with thousands of people each day for just a few dollars.” ~ Optec Displays, Inc.

Every day you wait to purchase your LED display sign is another day thousands of motorists fail to acknowledge your business. Financing is available to businesses that do not want to front the full amount or cannot afford to purchase a sign at the present time. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us right away so your business can start advertising immensely to your local community.