Sales & Services

General Electrical and Construction Services

We service any electrical problem or light problem. S & S specializes in LED digital and backlit signs, generator systems and light pole repairs and installations. From low voltage communications to upgraded services, from fluorescents to metal halides, you name it, we do it.

Service Upgrades

Not enough power for an addition or central air? Trouble with breakers always tripping? Tired of replacing old fuses? A new service upgrade will solve all of these problems. An electrical service upgrade includes a new panel box, a new meter pan and a new service cable. At S & S Electrical Services, Inc. we will listen to your needs and concerns to determine how much power you will need for your new service.

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Contracts

We sell yearly contracts to businesses for indoor and outdoor lighting. We will return to your business every month without call to repair all lights that are not working. Whether it is a bulb, ballast, or electrical issue we will ensure your business is well lit. There is no inconvenience of finding an electrician every time a light is broken. We know how important lighting is for businesses, so that is why we sell these fitting contracts.

LED Digital and Backlit Signs

LED signs are the upcoming item in advertising. In order for your business to be successful, it has to be known in the local community. That is exactly what you get with a new brilliant LED sign. LED displays cost 40 to 60 percent less per thousand viewers than most other forms of advertising. With many different sizes and types of LED signs, we will be able to accommodate any customer’s needs and concerns. Because we are a licensed dealer for multiple LED display companies we can assist you in purchasing the best sign for your business.

Generator Systems

What would you do if the power shut off in your home or business? You wouldn’t have to worry about this inconvenience if you had us install a generator system. Since we are a licensed Generac and Guardian dealer, we are factory trained and provide factory parts. The generator would automatically start as soon as power went out in your building. This way progress wouldn’t have to come to a stand-still until the power is turned back on, which may take several hours. With generators varying in size, we will listen to you and determine how much power your building will need backed up.

Light Poles

Another service we provide at S & S Electrical Services, Inc. is repairing and installing light poles. We are one of only a few companies that repair these poles and specialize in repairing the concrete bases. Light poles are run into all the time by motorists, its inevitable. Our company has the equipment to remove the existing broken concrete base and replace it by pouring a new one in its place. Then we re-attach the light pole after the base is set. If the pole is also damaged, we can install a new one that we receive from our supplier.

Pool Equipment

S & S Electrical Services, Inc. is seasoned in installing services and wiring equipment for pools and spas. Because of this, we can diagnosis and repair your problems with efficiency. Our company can also upgrade your existing equipment to a unit which is operable from inside the comfort of your home. The customer is able to control the water circulation and the temperature for their pool and spa from a panel inside the house.


Don’t let our name fool you.  S & S Electrical Services, Inc. is capable of handling all of your construction needs as well.  From porches to additions, S & S can take care of every aspect of the construction process within the company to assure a more affordable cost for you, the customer.